Mountains see everything

Mountains see everything

There were many people that climbed that mountain before without taking a riffle, without any problems.
The girls simply thought it wasn’t necessary. They reached the summit and sat there, drinking warm berry juice and looking out over Longyearbyen.
The polar bear sniffed out their trail and followed them. He ate one of them, while the other jumped in the ravine and died too.- Maureen


The only two guests, Pyramiden


We’re the only guests at the hotel. We can’t go outside without a guide and riffle for protection. The same Ukrainian music over and over again. We’re eating food from Russia, brought by a helicopter once a month. When we’re done eating, they lock the dining room immediately, like nothing ever happened.- Maureen

The people of Svalbard: Alexy, dentist

The people of Svalbard: Alexy, dentist (Maureen)

,,All electronic things break. Yesterday my refrigerator broke too. Batteries go low very fast, this is my second phone. It’s an abnormal magnetic place. All the people here have a dark circle around their eyes. Because the water doesn’t contain any fluoride they have a lot of problems with their teeth. I’ve been waiting 4 months for my summer clothes to arrive.” (Alexy)- Maureen

Lenin and his ideal

20130720-130720-DSC_0793 copyLenin and his ideal

Photos taken at Pyramiden, the most Northern Soviet-town in the world. Deserted since the 80’s. The statue is also the most Northern bust of Lenin in the world. The hand with fire I found in the deserted gymnastics building, where they used to play indoor soccer. – Sandra

‘We mogen alleen naar buiten met een gids met geweer. We zijn de enige twee gasten in het hotel. Er is geen douche. Er wonen hier 10 mensen. Er landt hier 1 keer per maand en helicpoter uit Rusland met eten. En ik ben niet bang. Het is allemaal te behappen, je krijgt het in stapjes, in stukjes toegediend’.  Maureen